How To Become A Lawyer

Information on how to become a lawyer - including educational, training and licensing requirements. Becoming a lawyer is a difficult but rewarding process.


Paralegal Studies: Can a Paralegal Education Help You Become a Lawyer?

Paralegals are not just secretaries who perform administrative tasks. They are legal assistants who can carry out duties that can assist attorneys and judges. They conduct research to help their employers in their legal tasks. In other words, they play a crucial role in an attorney's success. Because of that role, it is important that paralegals should earn a good education. Bachelor's degree or associate's degree in any study is one of the requirements to become a paralegal. Although it is not an absolute requirement to obtain a paralegal diploma or certificate, a certificate or a diploma in paralegal studies gives one an edge when looking for a paralegal job position.
What are the types of paralegal programs offered?
There are different institutions in the US that offer paralegal education programs. You may choose from any of the programs listed below.
* 4-year education program in paralegal studies
* Associate's degree
* Certificate programs - They can vary from several months to a year.
* Advanced paralegal education program - Completing this program allows you to obtain a master's degree in paralegal studies, which gives you more job opportunities.
Choosing the right institution
Nowadays, it is easier to obtain an education program for paralegal studies. With the advent of online schools, you can enroll and sign up for a paralegal education program that helps you prepare in carrying out tasks as a legal assistant in real world.
When choosing for the institution that can give you an online paralegal diploma, you should opt for the one that has been approved by the American Bar Association (ABA). A school that has gained ABA's recommendation signifies that it offers high quality education for aspiring paralegals. To obtain ABA's approval, an online school has to be in operation for 2 academic years and has met the guidelines and requirements of the ABA. You may visit ABA's website to look into its list of ABA-approved online paralegal programs.
What can you get when you enroll in an online school to obtain a paralegal certificate or diploma?
Online paralegal education programs should aim to develop competencies in the following areas:
* Critical thinking - This is important when you are assigned to analyze, research and solve a particular case.
* Organizational skills - You should be able to know how to communicate with clients, judges, lawyers and other people that you will interact in the future.
* Computer skills
* Communication skills
* Understanding of ethics
Can an online paralegal education program help you become a lawyer?
An online paralegal education program can help you land a job in the paralegal world. While working in the paralegal field, you will understand how legal processes work and be able to have first-hand legal experience into law practice. With that in mind, your work experience as a paralegal will help you succeed should you wish to continue your education in law school.
But keep in mind that a paralegal education program will not qualify you to take the bar examination. Also, the said education program should not be considered as an equivalent of a law school education. In addition to that, the units you have obtained from a paralegal education program are not transferable to law school.
In other words, a paralegal degree is just a stepping stone if you aspire to enroll in law school. Some paralegals do work as a paralegal first before they go to law school and become a lawyer. This can help them determine whether or not being in the legal field is the right career for them.
For the best online paralegal education programs, visit our paralegal certificate and paralegal diploma web-pages where we discuss the best training programs available today.

How to Become a Lawyer in the State of Tennessee

Tennessee has a long history of being a pivotal area in United States history. Some of the most influential events of the Revolutionary War and America's expansion west occurred in the area that is now known as Tennessee. The purchase of land from the Cherokee Nation at Sycamore Shoals in 1775 expanded America's frontier. Fort Watauga and the Overmountain Men Militia were instrumental in keeping the gateway to America's West open for pioneers. Today Tennessee has an excellent court system available to its citizens. There are many qualified attorneys who work to ensure the rights of the citizens of the state and surrounding areas.
If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, you should be aware that it takes many years and much determination to enter the field of law. But, with planning and talent you can have a rewarding career as an attorney. The first step is to graduate from high school. Next you will need to earn a Bachelor degree. Which degree you earn is not as important as the GPA you maintain. You will need a high GPA to gain entrance into a good law school.
After you earn your Bachelor's degree the next step is to take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). You can take a prep course to help you pass it with a high score. The score you get on your LSAT will help to determine the quality of the law school you can gain entrance into. Once you have taken the LSAT your next step is to enter law school. It takes three years to get through law school unless you choose to attend part time, which in that case it will take much longer. After you have graduated from law school it is time to study for your state bar exam.
All graduates of law school must pass a rigorous set of exams that are set by the National Council of Bar Examiners. Each state has its own exam, but all bar exams contain several sections that will test your knowledge on various areas of law. Once you pass your bar exam, your character and honesty will be evaluated. This can be a very intrusive process. Your medical records, traffic record, credit history and personal history will be examined to determine if you have the honesty and ethics to practice law.
If you pass the Character and Fitness evaluation and meet all of the above criteria you will be licensed to practice law in the state of Tennessee. Becoming a lawyer in a state that is such a large part of American history can be a rewarding career. Attorneys uphold and protect citizen's rights and keep the American Judicial system running smoothly.

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Wondering How To Become A Lawyer?

In the old days, a person might become a lawyer by studying as an apprentice to an already-admitted member of the bar. For good or ill, that has changed dramatically. These days, the only way to become a lawyer in virtually every state in the United States is to go to a nationally accredited law school. A few exceptions exist: some states admit lawyers to the bar who have attended a law school that is accredited only locally. But for the most part, accredited law schools affiliated with major universities or stand-alone private schools are the portal to the world of lawyering.
After the years of study and the expense of law school, one more obstacle stands between you and the title "attorney." That is the multistate bar exam (MBE). This 200 question multiple choice test is administered in almost every state twice a year on the same day and time all across the country. The bar exam questions are grueling and encompass a huge variety of subjects. Some students believe that the test is designed as much to trick the test-taker as it is to actually measure knowledge and that the questions turn on picky and immaterial distinctions. Be that as it may, the MBE is a fact of life for an aspiring lawyer so the solution is to learn how to take the test.
Learning how to answer MBE questions comes from study, study, study and practice, practice, practice. One of the single most valuable things to do in preparation for the exam is to take an MBE practice exam. In fact, take three or four or more; answer 1000s of these bar exam questions during your study time. After you have confronted the style of MBE questions many, many times, you will be alert to the fine points, the flow of the questions, and the time it takes you to answer. The test is designed to require you to answer about 33 questions every hour so you want to be assured that you can move through all 200 in a timely fashion. Practice testing will also tell you what subjects are bedeviling you and where more study time is warranted.
With study and practice comes a degree of serenity. You want to sit down to answer the real MBE questions with a certain peace of mind and the sure knowledge that you have done all you can. The chances are excellent that you will pass the MBE; a good estimate of the passage rate on the first try is approximately 70% nationwide. You may leave the test room feeling uneasy and wait anxiously for the envelope with your results, but at least you will know that you applied yourself assiduously and that you faced the test with firm resolve.
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So, You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Being a lawyer can be extremely rewarding and there is a host of benefits that can accompany the job.
However, before you can start enjoying all that being an attorney has to offer, you have to be dedicated to the long path you must travel to set foot in this career.
Many people who want to become a lawyer dream of going to law school before they have even started attending college.
The fact is, to even take the bar exam you need a bachelor's degree and a 3 year law degree. Without these things you cannot become a practicing attorney. So, before you decide between Harvard Law School and Yale Law you need to take care of the basics.
When you start college with the intention of going to law school you need to take care of your basic courses.
That means you need to earn your associates degree and bachelors degree. You also want to make sure you take care of any prerequisites. Consult a guidance or educational counselor to make your educational plans.
Once you earn your bachelors degree you can move on to law school and eventually take the test for the American Bar Association.
The Career
Once you have earned your law degree and passed the American Bar Association test you have many options for practicing law.
From property law to international law there is a wide choice of specialized fields you can work in.
Additionally, many people choose to practice law in a public service capacity. For some this means becoming a prosecutor and for others this means working in some sort of legal aid capacity.
Many people who earn their law degree work in a field of law outside of trial work. These fields would include business and finance law, intellectual property law, mergers, bankruptcy and environmental law.
Non-trial law involves you representing a group, filing papers on their behalf and advising them through legal situations.
There are many types of law a person can practice when they become an attorney and many different capacities they can work in. The legal field is a very competitive and exciting field. Many people find that the work they put into it is well-worth the reward they experience once in the field.
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Know How to Become a Prosecutor

So you want to know how to become a prosecutor. If you choose this career you will have a long and challenging road ahead of you in order to even enter the profession, but the rewards of this job can be monumental. Prosecuting lawyers act on behalf of people, cities, states and countries to bring criminal cases to court and prosecute the defendants by impartially investigating their alleged crimes. You will need to be able to decide whether to initiate criminal proceedings and argue cases in the first place, and convince juries that your interpretations of the facts at hand are valid.
The first step to becoming a prosecutor is to get a bachelor's degree. Lawyers often get their initial degrees in relevant fields such as criminal justice, but there are no requirements for any specific BA or BS degree. After completing your chosen bachelor's degree you will need to attend an accredited law school and graduate with a law degree. Make sure to take plenty of prosecution-related courses such as Constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure, and try to get involved in activities such as legal clinics and mock trials.
Once you have a law degree you will need to join the Bar in order to become a lawyer. There are Bar exams in every state, which typically span two or three days and challenge the test takers' reasoning and writing skills. This will require plenty of studying. After joining the Bar in your state you will need to get some legal experience to gain credibility before truly beginning your career as a prosecutor. This may include a judicial clerkship at a law firm or an assistantship with a government attorney. Then with a few years' of experience under your belt you can apply for positions in a district attorney or attorney general's office.
New prosecutors may only make as much as $50,000, which is not much compared to what some lawyers make, but there is a great deal of room for advancement, and with experience you will surely make much more. The rewards of putting criminals behind bars are also priceless.
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